What is Zabbix Used For & Main Advantages

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring software that offers comprehensive solutions for monitoring diverse IT infrastructures, services, applications, networks, and resources. Its primary objective is to provide real-time monitoring and collect metrics from a wide range of devices, systems, and applications. Zabbix is commonly used to monitor network devices, servers, virtual machines, cloud services, databases, web applications, and other similar components.

Being an open-source platform, Zabbix benefits highly from an actively engaged team and community. They regularly organise training and other engaging events globally and maintain a blog with helpful guides on integrating Zabbix with different technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and VPN networks. Developers and organizations can leverage Zabbix’s community support, forums, and blog to troubleshoot issues, share best practices, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the monitoring field.

Is Zabbix a Continuous Monitoring Tool?

Yes, Zabbix is indeed a continuous monitoring tool. It provides a range of solutions to configure real-time monitoring for applications, devices, and networks. This includes features like real-time power consumption monitoring, real-time metric and event streaming, and more. Zabbix further allows the export of detected issues and events to third-party systems and facilitates the streaming of metrics to message brokers like Amazon SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, and Amazon Kinesis. 

Organizations can leverage Zabbix to achieve real-time visibility into their infrastructure, facilitating prompt issue detection and resolution. Continuous monitoring with Zabbix assists organizations in identifying bottlenecks, resource constraints, and potential failures, enabling proactive troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. Additionally, Zabbix enables the real-time export of data and events to a file.

What are the Advantages of Using Zabbix?

Zabbix is a robust monitoring tool that provides numerous advantages to its users. Let’s examine some of these benefits:

Flexibility and Wide Range of Use Cases

Zabbix allows the monitoring of various IT components such as networks, virtual machines, databases, cloud platforms (like Oracle and AWS), and container management tools (like Kubernetes and Docker). It supports collecting metrics from different sources to allow organizations to effectively monitor diverse systems and use cases within a single platform.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

Zabbix offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities by allowing users to collect both pre-defined and custom application-level metrics. It supports multiple data collection methods, including Zabbix agent, SNMP, JMX, IPMI, and more. This versatility enables detailed monitoring and analysis of system performance and health.

Advanced Notifications, Reports, and Alerts

Zabbix integrates smoothly with popular collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, VictorOps, Opsgenie, and others, facilitating effective communication of notifications. It also provides reliable email and SMS alerts for critical incidents. Further, its advanced reporting features enable the creation of detailed reports on system performance, availability, and trends, aiding in capacity planning and resource optimization.

Unlimited Scalability

Zabbix is designed to monitor environments of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises. It supports thousands of devices and metrics, allowing organizations to monitor their expanding infrastructure without limitations. Whether scaling horizontally or vertically, Zabbix adapts seamlessly to meet monitoring needs.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Zabbix offers powerful data visualization features, allowing the creation of visually appealing graphs, charts, and dashboards. Its customizable widgets and templates enable the construction of user-friendly dashboards that provide real-time insights into infrastructure performance and health.


Zabbix prioritizes security by implementing data encryption for secure transmission and supporting protocols like TLS/SSL. It provides features like user role-based access control and flexible permissions, allowing organizations to define specific permissions for different user groups. Additionally, Zabbix offers a secure secret vault to protect sensitive information, ensuring the safety of critical data.


Zabbix is a robust and flexible open-source monitoring software that brings many advantages to organizations. It offers extensive monitoring capabilities, enabling effective oversight of IT infrastructures. With its features, such as unlimited scalability, comprehensive alerting and reporting, and real-time monitoring, Zabbix emerges as a powerful solution for a wide range of IT requirements. It is highly adaptable and can be utilized in diverse situations, supporting various systems and applications. By making use of Zabbix and actively participating in the community, organizations can enhance their monitoring practices and streamline operations for improved efficiency and reliability.

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