What is SolarWinds and What is it used for?

SolarWinds is a powerful and comprehensive platform offering full stack observability solutions for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructures. With its robust features and capabilities, it serves as a valuable tool for businesses across various sectors, including data centres, cloud service providers, and other applications seeking to efficiently manage and monitor their complex IT environments.

By leveraging SolarWinds, organizations can gain valuable insights into their infrastructure, virtualized environments, and customer-facing services, enabling them to ensure consistent application performance and availability. Moreover, SolarWinds empowers developers to identify areas for improvement in existing IT infrastructures, facilitating the optimization of resources and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What does SolarWinds do?

SolarWinds offers a diverse set of tools designed to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of businesses across various industries. Let’s explore some key applications of SolarWinds:

Network Monitoring

SolarWinds provides dedicated network monitoring services like SolarWinds NPM that allow organizations to gain real-time insights into the health, performance, and availability of their IT networks. By ensuring network stability and optimal performance, SolarWinds empowers organizations to deliver uninterrupted services to their users and customers.

Security and Compliance

SolarWinds offers a range of features like intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, log analysis, and security event correlation to help organizations implement a foolproof security posture. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the ever-increasing use of cloud technologies, the need for implementing security and compliance monitoring in cloud platforms is more than ever. SolarWinds can help organizations fortify their cloud deployments, identify vulnerabilities, and safeguard their sensitive data.

System monitoring and management

SolarWinds platform offers valuable insights into server performance, resource utilization, and overall system health. IT administrators can leverage this information to optimize server performance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the availability and reliability of critical systems. SolarWinds system management solutions can play a vital role in maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

What is SolarWinds Orion?

SolarWinds Orion is a highly popular feature-rich product offered by SolarWinds. Designed to streamline IT administration, Orion stands as a powerful, scalable, and robust platform that simplifies the management of on-premises, hybrid, and software as a service (SaaS) environments. With its centralized dashboard, Orion grants users unparalleled visibility into the entire application landscape, encompassing network security, servers, and more.

What is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor?

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, aka NPM, is a robust and all-encompassing network monitoring and management tool offered as a vital component of SolarWinds Orion. As a one-stop solution for all network monitoring needs, NPM provides deep visibility and valuable insights into the performance and availability of various network components. Thereby allowing IT administrators to gain a holistic view of their entire network infrastructure.


SolarWinds is a comprehensive platform that provides a multitude of features to empower businesses to gain valuable insights, optimize resources, and enhance the operational efficiency of their IT infrastructures. SolarWinds Orion is a popular offering from SolarWinds that provides a centralized dashboard and a range of sub-components for streamlined IT administration. One such sub-component is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), which enables deep visibility and efficient management of network infrastructures. Overall, SolarWinds equips organizations with the observability tools necessary to ensure consistent performance, availability, and optimization of their IT environments.

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