Unable to Activate Windows 7 Error Code 0xC004C008

I have a desktop computer which comes with Windows Vista preinstalled but I’ve wiped the drive and installed Windows 7 activating it with a Technet license. A technet license is a genuine product key where I can activate Windows 7 legally but the license agreement states that it is only for testing purposes but cannot be used for playing games, email and etc. I also use Rollback RX, a software that is very similar to Comodo Time Machine to revert the PC back to the time when I created a snapshot. So every time after testing a software extensively, I would rollback to get a clean state of Windows 7 again. It is much better than Ghost because it takes less than a minute to restore with Rollback RX compared to Ghost which takes 4 minutes.

One weird problem I always encounter is after rolling back the system, Windows 7 will be deactivated and I will have to activate it again via online.

3 days until automatic activation. activate windows now

As far as I know, a single technet Windows 7 product key can be used to activate up to 10 different machines and there are no limits in activation for that 10 computers. Since yesterday I was having problems getting Windows 7 activated after rolling back the system.

Every time I click the “Activate Windows online now” button and waited for a few seconds, I get a window saying “Type a different product key for activation. The product key you typed cannot be used to activate Windows on this computer”. I then get 4 options to buy a new product key online, retype your product key, use the automated phone system to activate or contact Microsoft to help resolve this problem.

Activate Windows 7 Problem

Clicking on the Show me details for the error that requires this change link tells me that the following information was found for this error: Code: 0xC004C008 and description The activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used.

0xC004C008 product key could not be used

Since I have a technet account and I can generate up to 10 product keys, I generated a new Windows 7 product key and tried activating again but still failed. Finally I talked to Paul about this issue and he said he and some of his friends are having similar problems too and this happens once in a while when the Microsoft activation server are acting up. That explains why we have 3 days until the automatic activation starts again which by then Microsoft would have fixed their activation server.

Anyway I tried the 3rd option which is to use the automated phone system to activate Windows 7 and it worked! I called up a toll free number, keyed in the installation ID via the phone’s keypad and received an auto generated confirmation ID. Have you ever experienced such problem in your Windows 7?

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