Tradewinds 2 and Tradewinds Legends Dinari Money Cheat Hack

As the blog and other things take up a lot of time, I don’t get the chance to play computer games much, but do so once in a while when I get really bored and can’t think of anything to do on the computer. The good thing is, these days there is a huge amount of websites and services around where you can play online, play games for free or purchase the full version for a few bucks if you like what you see. If you’re someone that doesn’t get a lot of spare time to play, buying the latest and greatest big release for 60 dollars isn’t an appealing concept and cheap or free is the sensible solution.

Upon looking around various sites, I found that the screenshot images for Tradewinds Legends look pretty nice. You get to buy ships, upgrade canons and use magic spells. Plus the reviews for this game are very good and it gets almost full scores from a number of reviews. In addition, the game only takes a matter of seconds to download with a broadband connection since the setup file size is a little over 20MB. The description for Tradewinds Legends is:

Trade and battle with legendary heroes in the mythical Far East as you discover a world of magic on the high seas in this strategy adventure!

tradewinds welcome main menu

Tradewinds Legends isn’t fully free and you get to play up to an hour for nothing, the full game costs money but can be purchased for as little as $3 if you shop around. It can be quite tricky to play and you have to carefully manage your money (Dinari) or things can go wrong pretty quickly. In that case, you won’t be able to repair your ships, buy new canons, buy magic, or even repair your ships in order to battle with the future pirates. Some of the items cost a huge amount of cash such as a magical ring that costs 1 million Dinari!

Before I stop playing the game and uninstall it, I thought that I should look for some cheat codes, trainers or hacks on how I can easily increase the amount of Dinari in Tradewinds Legends. After a good look round in Google, I couldn’t find any useful cheat codes or hacks. Since I couldn’t find any cheats online for Tradewinds, the obvious answer was to find a way to cheat the game myself.

Starting a Tradewinds game

A quick look inside the save game file (savegame0.sav) with a hexeditor didn’t find anything related to Dinari. Another idea was to look for references to the amount of money in the computer’s memory. I used a freeware utility called Cheat Engine to locate the Dinari data in memory and eventually found it. Change the suspected money values and indeed the Dinari also changes according to what I changed in the memory after I purchase something in the game.

This is how I was able to cheat and get more money in Tradewinds Legends, it should also work for the older version Tradewinds 2 as well.

1. If you don’t already own the game or have the trial version, download Tradewinds Legends from BigFish games (or another online retailer) and install it. Beware of any adware offered during the setup process.

2. Download Cheat Engine. The portable version is preferred as it doesn’t contain the adware options found in the setup installer.

3. Start a Tradewinds Legends game and press Escape to run it in windowed mode. You will begin with an amount of cash, usually 1,000 Dinari with a low rank.

Amount of starting Dinari and rank

4. Start Cheat Engine.exe and click the select process button which will have a flashing box around it.

select a process in Cheat Engine

5. Find the Tradewinds executable from the list, it should be easy to spot, and double click on it.

Select Tradewinds process

6. Assuming you still have 1,000 Dinari, type “1000” into the Value box in the Cheat Engine window and press Enter. A number of memory address values will appear down the left side.

type in money value

7. Go back to the game and buy something so your amount of cash changes. It can be anything you like.

8. In Cheat Engine enter the new cash amount into the Value box and press Enter. The address values on the left should filter down to no more than 3. If there’s still quite a few, repeat steps 7 and 8 again until you’re down to 3 or less.

new cheat engine value

9. If you were to spend some more money, these values will change to reflect that, so we know the correct addresses have been found. Double click the top address on the left only and it will insert itself into the bottom pane. Then double click the Value at the bottom to bring up a text box. Enter a value such as “999999999” and click OK.

enter new Tradewinds cash value

10. Now buy something in Tradewinds Legends, and as soon as that happens, you’ll have a higher rank of Sea Dragon and a new cash amount of 1 BILLION Dinari! That should be more than enough to complete the game.

one billion dinari in Tradewinds Legends

You can freeze the cash amount by checking the Active box in the Cheat Engine lower pane. It’s also possible to try out Tradewinds games through your web browser on some websites such as GameHouse. For a guide on hacking Flash based games in your browser, read our article on the subject as the process is similar.

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