8 Tools to Hide Running Apps from Taskbar [Best for 2023]

5. Window Hide Tool

Window Hide Tool

While being quite an old utility, the Window Hide Tool has several options available which allow you to not only hide and show application windows with hotkeys, but also has the added options of setting a password if you want to show a window, close an application and if you want to protect the hide tool configuration window. The tray icon itself can be turned off to stealth it from the average users, or you can leave the icon enabled and have quicker access to hiding and showing all or specific windows.

Download Window Hide Tool

6. Hide!


Hide! is a tiny portable utility of less than 100KB that is able to hide opened windows and also allows them to be grouped together for bulk showing and hiding. There’s also an added option to password protect the showing of any window to stop tampering by other users. What to do with the windows and the grouping can be controlled via hotkeys, most key configurations are using the F1 – F12 keys. There’s also a curious option that when pressing the hotkey (default of F7) will change the title of the active window to the text entered inside the box in the window. There are two different versions, one requires .NET, the other slightly older version doesn’t.

Download Hide!

7. Clicky Gone

Clicky Gone

Clicky Gone is less oriented towards stealthing and protecting your opened windows, but is still good at completely hiding application windows using key combinations or mouse clicks, as well as having the traditional “boss mode” which will quickly close all windows and mute the sound. Clicky Gone can also optionally automatically lower the priority of hidden applications with the ability to also add a priority sub menu, hide and “pin to top” options into the right click system menu many windows have. Both portable and setup installer versions are available.

Download Clicky Gone

8. BlindBossKey


Unfortunately newer versions of this program are full shareware, but 1.2 has a function limited lite version which can be used for free. What makes this tool interesting is the different ways you can choose the application windows to hide. They can be selected by the currently opened window, by a running process, or browsing for an executable file which will hide any of the windows the process launches. To operate the program you have to select the windows to be hidden and once the Start button is pressed, hide or unhide using the hotkey (default Ctrl+Right arrow).

Download BlindBossKey

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