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There are a lot of giveaways nowadays but unfortunately there is no 100% way that can prevent it from being leaked. Recently I’ve purchased a PC PRO magazine from a bookstore and this edition offers a full AVG Anti-Virus 2012 license valid for 1 year. At page 62, the article about the cover disc provides a link to get the registration code but visiting the link gives me a georestriction warning with the message “Sorry, due to licensing restrictions, this offer is not available in your country/territory. Try again tomorrow”. I know that PC PRO is an imported magazine from UK which is why the offer is not available for us Malaysians but I pity the people who bought this magazine thinking that they can get a free AVG license but ended up not being able to get one.

Bypassing georestriction is quite easy by using a public proxy and there are quite a lot of websites that offers free proxy list but the biggest problem is looking for one that is still online, not too slow and doesn’t require authentication. There are some online proxy checker but I personally do not like to use them as they are quite slow and doesn’t support multi-threading. For a faster result, you can give Web Proxy Checker software a try.

Web Proxy Checker is a free and fast proxy checking software which checks SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS proxies with and without authentication using multithreads. The good thing about multi-threading is the program can check a number of proxies simultaneously depending on the amount of threads you set on the program, completing the scan faster.

Free Web Proxy Checker

Most of the default settings are good enough. To check proxies using Free Web Proxy Checker software, you can either paste the proxies, proxy list, or even URLs to the box and then click the Start button. The program will attempt to visit Google Mail’s webpage with the proxy to determine if the proxy is good or bad and save them to an individual text file in C:\Program Files\Opt-In Software\. One of the website where I normally get my free proxy is because the list of well known public proxy contains a lot of working proxies. Simply copy the proxies and then paste it to free Web Proxy Checker software.

You may have noticed that some of the options are disabled and only available in the Pro version. The Pro version of Web Proxy Checker is a shareware that cost $50 which contains more advanced features such as extracting proxies from web pages, checking for SMTP and delivery, uploading good proxies to FTP, rDNS and elite anonymity check and scanning IP ranges for open proxy so that you get the fresh proxy instead of a publicly listed ones.

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