Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail or Outlook Account Cracker

Hotmail (now known as is one of the oldest free email providers that is owned by Microsoft. Although Gmail has been really popular, many people still own a Hotmail account so that they’re able to use the services such as Windows Live Messenger, SkyDrive and etc that is being offered for free to their Live users. Hacking Hotmail account is not impossible but not really that easy as well as it requires a bit of patience and luck. The first method that would definitely work is to install a keylogger and steal the Hotmail login credentials. The guessing of the secret answer to the secret question set by the user is no longer effective because you need to fill up a bunch of questionnaire with the accurate answers to verify that you actually own the Hotmail account or else the request will be rejected.

The third and final method to crack a Hotmail password is by brute forcing with a wordlist or dictionary file. This method would be the best because the password will be retained and not reset which will not trigger the account owner’s attention while you can access and view the emails. Other than that, there are also many basic users that uses common passwords which can be easily cracked. There are many brute forcing tools that can be found on the Internet but most of them are either broken (not working) or infected by malware. We have found a script written by Adam Joseph that works and is safe to use.

Simply follow the simple step by step instructions below on how to use the script to crack a Hotmail account.

1. Download the Python Windows Installer and install. Make sure you download the version 2.7.x.

2. Then download this python script and extract the compressed ZIP archive file to your computer. You should see two files, and wordlist.txt.

3. Click the Start button, type cmd in the Search bar and press Enter to launch command prompt.

4. Change to the directory where the and wordlists.txt file resides using the CD command. Here is the syntax of the command to brute force a Hotmail account using the file. -u [email protected] -w wordlist.txt

Replace the username with the account that you want to crack and optionally you can also add more words to the wordlists.txt. Currently the wordlists.txt dictionary file already contains more than 300,000 words.

5. After typing the command, press Enter and let it run. Once a correct password has been found from the word list file, the script will automatically stop processing. You can see the image below that we’ve successfully cracked our own Hotmail account using this script.

Crack Hotmail Brute Force

This python script test the Hotmail username and password on Live’s POP3 server at port 995. We prefer to use this python script than any other programs with fancy graphical user interface out there because you never know what is being embedded to the program. As for a script, the code can be viewed directly with a text editor such as the Windows Notepad or Notepad++ to determine if it is safe and clean from any malicious code.