How to Lock Keyboard and Mouse on Windows 10: Quick Guide

5. KeyboardLock

KeyboardLock is an easy to use and portable program to lock your keyboard and disable mouse clicks with a minimum of fuss. To use KeyboardLock, simply enter the password you want to use in the box and press Start (the default password is “cake”).


Type your chosen password to activate the keyboard and mouse locking, and the window will disappear. Type it again when you want to unlock the system. Click “About this app” to view a small selection of supported command line arguments. KeyboardLock requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed for Windows 10 users and it will be offered if not already present.

Download KeyboardLock

6. Child Lock

Child Lock has a useful Auto Lock function that allows the computer’s keyboard and mouse to be locked after a 10 minute period of inactivity. It also has the simple ability of instantly locking and unlocking using the keyboard combination of Shift+Alt+End or Shift+Alt+Home.

Child lock

The Windows control keys can be disabled so if you want to lock a video into full screen, for example, it can’t be Alt+tabbed out of. The “Allow Only” button enables some selected keys like Space and Page Up/Down.  Command line options are available, look at the Help menu option for more information. Child Lock does work in Windows 10 but closes itself after an unlock, this doesn’t happen in Windows 7.

Download Child Lock

7. Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

While the other options listed here mostly come from a security and anti-tampering perspective, this tool is a simple locker to lock your keyboard and mouse while attempting to clean them. It doesn’t have any fancy or interesting options, just the ability to work for a specific period of time.

Keyboard and mouse cleaner

All you have to do is launch the portable executable and set the cleaning time for xx number of seconds. Then press the brush icon in the middle to start. A countdown timer will show when the keyboard and mouse will work again. To escape the locking early, simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Download Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner (Note the executable in the archive has a Portuguese name)

8. Lock Windows

Of course, the easiest and quickest way to lock the keyboard and mouse down without using any extra software is by using the Windows Lock function. To get there just press Winkey+L or go to Start, click on the user icon > Lock.

Windows 10 lock

This does have a couple of drawbacks though; Firstly, you will need to create a password on your user account if you don’t have one or it’s very easy to get back to the Desktop by pressing Enter. Secondly, you cannot play a video or show your own photos on the screen because all you see is the Windows Lock screen.

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