5 Tools to Force Resize Any Window on Windows [2023 List]

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3. ResizeEnable

Using ResizeEnable is pure simplicity and there is absolutely nothing to configure at all. It is programmed by the same developer who made a handy little splash screen remover tool called SplashKiller. The program works by sitting in the system tray and hooks itself into any open windows allowing them to be resized. Simply download, extract and then run the portable ResizeEnableRunner.exe.


The icon will sit in the tray and has no options apart from an About entry. Find a window that won’t resize under normal circumstances and move the cursor over the edge of the window. Hopefully now the mouse cursor will change to the arrow that shows you can alter the window dimensions. Now click and drag like you would on any other ordinary window that can be resized.

This won’t work in all windows especially those that use non standard windows for their GUI interface. Something ResizeEnable does seem to do better than some other tools is scaling the controls, buttons and boxes inside the window to match the new size, instead of resizing just the border.

Download ResizeEnable

4. AltMove

It’s not just being able to resize a non resizeable window that AltMove can do, because there’s so much more. It also allows you to move a window that has been given a fixed position, maximize, minimize and restore any window from or to the desktop by dragging the mouse, set the opacity of a window from 0-100%, enhance the built in screenshot function and magnify the desktop using a mouse key.


More advanced functions can be setup including assigning combinations to standard menu items of different programs and using the mouse to run your programs and open documents from anywhere. Not all actions are added by default and you can go to Actions -> New or press Ctrl+N simultaneously to add a new action. All actions in the window start by default and each can be turned off using its stop button, the maximize button will show the available options for it.

The resize window action has the left Ctrl and left mouse button combination set as the default to enable resizing a window, this can be changed. The good thing here is you don’t need to place your mouse on the edge of the window to resize, anywhere near that edge will do. There are a few options in the action that will need a bit of experimenting to get the resizing performed to your liking.

Download AltMove

5. Mihov Active 800×600

Mihov Active

This is an easy to use and simple tool that will resize any window to the specified dimensions, unsurprisingly the default is 800×600. There is another default of 1024×768 or you can choose “other” and enter your own width and height in pixels. To alter the size of a window, press the Start button and then hover your mouse cursor over the target window. Then after a 3 second countdown, the window under the mouse will get resized to the chosen value. The countdown can be increased if you want more time to choose the window. Mihov Active 800×600 is a tiny and portable program of only 150KB.

Download Mihov Active 800×600

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