Torrent Ratio Booster: 2 Best Alternatives to RatioMaster

BitTorrent is one of the most common method used to download files from the Internet. Although you are able to download files from the public BitTorrent tracker websites such as ThePirateBay without any limitation other than the block imposed by some ISP, there are actually many private BitTorrent tracker sites around that offers better download speed and files that are clean from malwares. Some private torrent sites are hard to get in because they periodically open the registration for a short period and close it back once they’ve reached the members quota. The most important factor to keep your account in good standing at private torrent sites to avoid being banned is to maintain a positive ratio, where you’ll have to at least upload the same amount that you’ve downloaded.

Although it is fair to seed, but unfortunately not everyone can maintain a good ratio probably due to slow upload speed, couldn’t afford a seedbox, or to turn on their computer 24/7 just to seed what they’ve downloaded. The way BitTorrent works, it allows many ways to cheat the torrent ratio on trackers and we’ll cover two tools to do that.

There are many ratio cheating tool such as RatioMaster by NRPG (last updated 4 years), RatioMaster by moofdev (last updated 2 years), GreedyTorrent (last updated 5 years ago) and many more that hasn’t been updated for a long time which either no longer work or they can be easily caught by the tracker administrator. Basically there are 3 different tools to cheat the ratio which is by either by using a modified torrent client which we don’t really recommend, emulation software that don’t really download nor upload files except sending fake data to manipulate the ratio, or a plugin that only increases the the reported uploaded data.

One of the current and up to date emulation tool that works today is mRatio. mRatio is a free and easy to use BitTorrent emulator where it simply loads a torrent file and then simulate the downloading and uploading plus sending the data to the tracker ignoring the amount of seeders and leechers. No files will be downloaded nor uploaded and it does not use up any of your bandwidth.


As a test, we signed up a private BitTorrent tracker website and used mRatio to increase our upload ratio. After running it for a few minutes, stopping the download and refreshing the profile page shows a positive ratio even though I did not really upload any physical file to anyone.

Cheat Share Ratio

Using mRatio is easy. Download, extract the RAR file and run mRatio.exe file. Click the Add Torrent Wizard button located at the left pane of the program and follow the wizard instructions which is loading the torrent file that you want to cheat, selecting the client emulation, setting the maximum upload and download speed, proxy, and start cheating.

mRatio Add Torrent

Although it is easy to cheat the tracker and increase your upload ratio using mRatio, it can however be easily detected as well. mRatio continues to send reports to the tracker and what the tracker administrator can do to detect the cheating is by stop giving real peers to the cheater for a few hours. When they still receive reports after stop sending peers to the cheater, it is a definite sign that this user is using an emulator to increase their upload ratio.

Another thing to take note is this public version of mRatio does not come with the latest client files. Some tracker sites allow the member to only use the latest version of selected BitTorrent client. Using an older build or an unapproved version would cause the account to be banned. You can however request for the previous build in the mRatio forum.

Download mRatio

Another safer method to increase upload and decrease download ratio is by using Torrent Ratio Keeper. The method used by this tool is actually very similar to GreedyTorrent which wasn’t updated after the release of first beta in 2007. Basically what it does is it acts as a BitTorrent client plugin and modify the upload or download transfer rate where the BitTorrent client will then report the data to the tracker. If the admin suspects the user of cheating and stop sending peers, the plugin would also cease to work and there is no sign of cheating.

Torrent Ratio Keeper

Torrent Ratio Keeper is very easy to use and works right out of the box. All you need to do is install the program and run it which will automatically detect and add active trackers to the list. There is no need to configure your BitTorrent client to use the local host proxy and etc.

The only requirement to increase the upload ratio with Torrent Ratio Keeper is you need to seed the file. For example, if you uploaded 2GB of files, Torrent Ratio Keeper will report an additional 75% (depending on the version) of the total amount uploaded, making it 3.5GB. This way, you will need to only seed 25% in order to achieve a balanced 1:1 ratio, saving both time and bandwidth. So if you downloaded a file from BitTorrent and there are no leechers for the file, there won’t be much hope in increasing your upload ratio with that file.

Unfortunately Torrent Ratio Keeper is a shareware and it comes in 3 versions. Each version has a different upload limit, statistics and expert options. If you’re serious about keeping your account in good standing for long term and not willing to seed, Torrent Ratio Keeper is definitely a good investment.

Download Torrent Ratio Keeper

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