Download Sony Memory Card File Rescue Software for Free

My uncle recently bought a Sony NEX-5 camera and he was advice to get a Sony memory stick PRO-HG Duo because of the high speed data transfer. At the back of the memory stick PRO-HG Duo plastic cover, it said that the purchaser can use Sony’s own file rescue software that enables users to recover accidentally deleted files. The weird thing is it doesn’t come with a disc that can allow the user to install Sony’s memory card file rescue software. Although there are other free software to recover deleted photos, a Sony made software might have better compatibility with Sony memory cards.

He asked me if I knew anything about it but I never heard about it. After researching on it, I found out that the Sony Memory Card File Rescue software can be downloaded from Sony’s website. Before you can download, you will need to type in the model name and serial number or downloading code as a proof that you actually own Sony’s memory card in order to use their file rescue software. It’s easy getting Sony’s model name as it is displayed on Sony’s official website but as for the serial number, it requires a bit of searching and it is provided by us for your convenience. Here is the step-by-step instructions on how to download Sony Memory Card File Rescue software for free even if you don’t own a Sony Memory Stick.

1. Click here to visit download page

2. Click the Accept button.

3. At this page, you are asked to fill up the model name, and serial number or downloading code. For Model Name, enter MS-HX8B. As for serial number or downloading code, enter A928L2L. Ignore the questionnaire and click the Next button located at the bottom of the page.

Download Sony File Rescue

4. Click OK button and the next page allows you to download Sony Memory Card File Rescue file MCFileRescue.exe at 16.9MB in size.

Sony claimed that the Memory Card File Rescue software cannot be used on Non-Sony brand Memory Stick and SD Memory Card but I have tested it on Kingston Micro SD and it worked without problems. If it does not work on your memory card, here is an alternative memory card recovery tool that you can try. Recovering accidental deleted photos from memory card is possible IF you immediately stop storing any new pictures on that memory card to avoid being overwritten.

Sony Memory Card File Rescue is very easy to use. After running it, select the drive that contains the memory card. Before starting the recovery process, the software will tell you the estimated time required to scan the drive for deleted photos. If you do not plan to recover AVCHD video files, make sure you uncheck the Unnecessary checkbox to reduce the scanning time. Once the scanning process has been completed, you get to preview the images and finally save it to your computer. As a test, I saved the EENGUINS.JPG file to the memory card, and then delete it. I scanned the memory card with Sony Memory Card File Rescue and the software was able to find and recover the deleted EENGUINS.JPG file.

Download Sony Memory Card File Rescue

Sony Memory Card File Rescue software works perfectly on our Windows 7 computer during testing. It is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

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