File2HD Downloads Any Files From Website Including Myspace MP3

A website can consist many types of files such as images, text, cascading style sheets, javascripts and etc to construct the website’s layout. Any experienced users will be able to identify the items being requested when a website is loaded using Firebug and viewing the Net tab. If you’re trying to analyze a website especially a malware infected one, you wouldn’t want to do that because it would mean that the malware is already downloaded onto your computer.

One of a good and safe way to list all the files from a URL is by using File2HD, a free web service where it can list every single file that is pulled from the link that you entered and you can conveniently download it to your computer by clicking on the result. Other than that, it also offers premium service to help you download thousands of MP3 from Myspace even if they are disabled and not available to download.

To use FileHD, enter a URL that you want to scrap and click the Get Files button. The checkbox to agree with the Terms of Service must be ticked and if it is not ticked by default. You can also select on the filter radio boxes to narrow down the lists of files being displayed based on the file types such as audio, movies, links, applications, objects, style sheets and images. File2HD displays all visible files for free and also hidden files through premium accounts.


Because File2HD website is way too simple, it does not guide you on the whole process of downloading MP3 from Myspace. As a test, we have subscribed to the File2HD Premium standard account to try downloading the songs from Myspace when it only allows you to play, buy, add song to playlist and share the song. Here are the steps:

1. First we will need to login to our File2HD premium account.

2. Then go back to the main page of to perform the search

3. Enter the URL of an artists in Myspace. As a test we entered Justin Bieber’s music URL.

Download justin bieber's myspace mp3

4. When all the files are listed, scroll to the bottom and we can see a lot of MP3 files on the list. There is a Premium Download button and clicking on it will popup a notice saying “File added to your Premium Account“.

file added to your premium account

5. Then we scroll right to the bottom of the page and clicked on the Premium Account link to take us to our Premium Account page. The Justin Bieber’s MP3 is available for download by clicking on the link.

Download myspace mp3 with file2hd

We noticed that once the file has been downloaded to our computer, the status of the downloaded file will be changed from “Ready” to “File Downloaded” and it cannot be downloaded anymore until it is requested again. Files that are not downloaded within 2 days will be automatically removed from File2HD’s server.

The File2HD Premium are based on monthly subscription starting from 1.45€. There are more expensive subscription and the only benefit of it is the faster processing time because you are placed at the top of the queue. Once you’ve subscribed to File2HD premium account, you can download files that are being hidden using advanced encoding techniques, for example the MP3 music files found in Myspace.

Unfortunately downloading MP3 from Myspace using File2HD requires an upfront payment and there is no trial for this service.

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