5 Best CRM for Social Media (2023 Ranked & Reviewed)

It’s no longer those days when social media is only to connect with people. Nowadays, it’s all about making changes in everyone’s life by connecting with brands and businesses. That’s the reason, online entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers, or manufacturers use CRM platforms

CRM social media integration helps to analyze customers’ behavior, demographics, engagements, and business growth in a very effective manner. Furthermore, the best part is CRM platforms allow organizations to contact their clients instantly across multiple channels such as email, calls, texts, and more. 

Since there are innumerable CRM software systems available, how would you choose the best CRM for social media for you? Don’t worry, we did it for you!

Best social media CRM software

As marketing automation and customer service management are too much in demand, CRM platforms are the only flexible way to accomplish all the requirements in one place. We’ve reviewed and tested multiple CRM software and ended up with our top selections. 

Check out our top-selected customer relationship management software along with their top features, pros, and cons: 

SoftwareBest ForTop Features
FreshsalesLarge scales teamEasy to use
AI-powered email campaigns
Provides customizable dashboards
Multiple languages supported
Zoho SocialManaging all businessesOne solution for all businesses
Exceptional team management
Track specific keywords and hashtags
HubSpot CRMMarketing automationExport leads into real customers
Allows to build an instant website
24/7 customer support
Able to sync customer data
NimbleCustomer managementEasy-to-use interface
Provides automated email marketing
Finest sales management
Reliable engagement with customers
Salesforce CRMImproving customer satisfactionCustomizable for any size of business
Available mobile app
Comes with collaboration tools
Offers online and in-person training

1. Freshsales – Best CRM for social media overall

Freshsales CRM for social media

Supported OS: Windows

Developer: Freshworks Inc.

License: Free and paid both are available

Looking for one of the best CRM tools for large sales teams? Freshsales is the ultimate package of tools for you then. Owners of smaller or mid-sized businesses can store all of their customer information and manage data easily with it. It comes with a forever-free plan which is a solid reason to stick with this CRM platform without any doubt. 

Its embedding feature makes it unique from other CRM tools. You can embed Freshsales on websites, social media, and other channels through a lead capture form. Also, it creates pipeline visualization of sales because of the ability to automate repetitive sales tasks feature. 

With its chatbot feature, you can send messages to your website or app’s users depending on their behavior. Else, managing large scales of team members is much easier with it. 

It’s available in all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You can also install its apps on your iOS and Android smartphones. 

So, what about creating leads in Freshsales from Facebook? Without any coding required, you can create Facebook lead ads submissions using the Zapier which is a classic integration of Freshsales. 


  • Customers can use it with no experience due to its intuitive interface.
  • Allows integrations with enormous numbers of third-party tools.
  • Integration with WhatsApp available.
  • Offers AI-powered sales insights. 
  • AI can predict sales reports depending on customer data. 


  • Other CRM tools have more integration options.
  • Customer support isn’t flexible.

Get Freshsales

2. Zoho Social – Best for social media management

Zoho Social CRM platform

Supported OS: Windows and iOS

Developer: Zoho Corporation

License: Paid after a 30-day free trial.

Zoho Social can help you to grow and expand the social media presence of your businesses. It helps to manage social media presence across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and more.  

To save you the time of posting multiple times, Zoho Social has no alternative. It offers scheduling for the whole day, week, or month at your own convenient time. You can even choose a publishing schedule from its outstanding best-time predictions feature to avoid dull moments for the audiences. 

Its analytical reports display how your audience is interacting and engaging on social media. There’s additional flexibility to go with the pre-built reports or customize one from the scratch filtering the options that you need. So, you’ll never lose current impressions of your businesses.

Do you want to have the best CRM Instagram integrations? Zoho Social’s Instagram integration provides you with versatility for publishing posts, and generating content, and hashtags directly from your desktop. 

If you’re working for or running multiple agencies, Zoho Social will let you manage and control all the customer interactions from one centralized location. From this single platform, you can enjoy tracking leads, measuring audience growth, and analyzing customer experience. 


  • Easy to monitor social media conversations, comments, and mentions. 
  • Contribute insights into the audience’s behavior, interactions, interests, and preferences. 
  • Comes up with multiple Zoho apps such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns,  Zoho One, Zoho Projects, Zoho Creator, and more. 
  • The interface is user-friendly and requires no extra knowledge or training to start with.
  • Available in affordable plans for small to large-scale businesses. 


  • Limited availability to third-party integrations while other CRMs offer more integrations. 
  • Though automation features are eminent, some tasks require manual control. 

Get Zoho Social

3. HubSpot CRM – Best for marketing automation

Social media CRM HubSpot

Supported OS: Windows and Mac. 

Developer: HubSpot, Inc.

License: Free with limited features, paid version covers all the essentials.

HubSpot is placed on our favorite listings for its extraordinary marketing automation. You can easily automate marketing campaigns for your businesses with its free version even. It also allows the users to keep the track of campaigns across all the possible channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and more. 

Whether maintaining contacts in one place or taking notes, saving deals, and scheduling tasks are so attainable with HubSpot CRM. There’s no need to switch to paid version for the complete CRM features. It allows you to manage all of the customer’s behavior and interactions with your businesses in one place. 

Need a reliable CRM to integrate all of your social media accounts? 

HubSpot’s free version comes with exceptional social media integrations. So, refer HubSpot today to your business manager for managing all of your social media interactions without any hassle. You can also enjoy drip campaigns with HubSpot which provide business owners with increased sales and audience growth.

If you need an automated blogging feature that will create and publish posts to your website along with social media, HubSpot’s free version is all you need. Else, website owners can also use this CRM for SEO purposes to get better search ranking results. 


  • Allow users to design their workflows and customize dashboards following the requirements.
  • Integrations with mostly used and popular software platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, etc. are feasible.
  • Marketing Hub allows convenient management of landing pages, social media, and email campaigns. 
  • Provides activity history of customers including engagement metrics, and contact information. 
  • Users can make data-driven decisions depending on analytics and reports. 


  • Customer support is a bit slower than its competitors. 
  • The paid version is costlier. 

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4. Nimble – Best for maintaining customer relationships and contacts

Cloud based CRM platform Nimble

Supported OS: Mac, PC, Linux

Developer: Nimble Storage

License: 14 days free trial period available 

Want to enjoy a CRM platform without any operating system? Nimble is a 100% cloud-based CRM system that offers no installations on any devices. It’s the fastest and lightest customer relations management software to run anywhere

If you have a small sales team, you can enjoy the integration with email systems fluently. There’s also the flexibility to send automated emails to customers with new sales, updated offers, and campaigns based on their interests. 

Moreover, its automatic extraction of customers is another addition that makes a big deal for social profile management. 

This is fully automated software. You can schedule your posts, tasks, and meetings on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. Furthermore, Nimble allows business owners to track deals and leads in one place. 

Nimble’s foremost feature is its integration with G Suite, Microsoft 365 IMAP, POP3, IMAP, Slack, and more. It also keeps the synced email in the database for 90 days which is impressive. 

Tracking down customer contacts, interactions, and sales pipeline is trackable from one place. You can get the exact progress data of your leads and sales. If needed, you can import data in vCard or CSV format to integrate with some other tools. 


  • Easy engagement with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • A very neat and user-friendly interface gives a very outstanding experience to the users. 
  • Nimble’s Analytics shows click-through rates for email campaigns as well as fluent performance metrics. 
  • Stores all the contact information in one place and provides faster engagement.
  • Affordable pricing plans for all sizes of businesses. 


  • Email history from other systems can’t be imported. 
  • Duplicate contacts may show up in the contact list.

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5. Salesforce CRM – Best for tracking projects

Salesforce professional CRM

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Developer: Salesforce Inc

License: 30 days on demand free trial

Among all our listings, though Salesforce is our last pick, it’s no less than our first choice. If your goal is to track multiple projects in a very approachable and accessible way, Salesforce is the solution. All those beginners who want growth in their businesses can go along with it for its excellent CRM solutions. 

You don’t need to worry about growing from a small-size to a large-scale team. It can maintain the most complicated giant sizes of businesses. So, startups, small, midsized, or large-size businesses can stick to Salesforce plans. Salesforce is ultimately the best CRM for moving business

Salesforce offers advanced-level marketing automation with notable cool features to contact management and contact customers instantly through multiple channels from one place. Even if you lose track of any activity, an activity history feature will keep you updated. 

The interface is very intuitive. You can easily navigate to multiple features within a moment. Plus you can access the same account from multiple devices at one time. It provides the flexibility to access the system from anywhere, check customers’ data, and manage data instantly. 


  • Most of the frequently used third-party apps can be integrated. 
  • Provides accurate reports and analytics to analyze business growth. 
  • Tracks upcoming lead opportunities management and sales process.
  • Scalability provides easier adding, removing, and updating changes when required.
  • Allows integrations and connectivity with various tools, platforms, and services. 


  • Users can face difficulty accessing it with poor or no internet connection.

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What is Social CRM?

Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) simply refers to the collaboration of using social media channels including other communications platforms such as mail, calls, and texts in one centralized place. Using a CRM is especially useful for small businesses like beauty salons or sports clubs that need a media presence.

CRM for social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other is highly in demand nowadays. Businesses can improve their marketing strategies and provide better customer service through CRM platforms. 

The usage of CRM platforms is preferred by modern business owners for: 

  • Analyzing customer growth
  • Monitoring customers’ responses
  • Engaging with customers’ reactions thoroughly  
  • Creating personalized marketing campaigns
  • Tracking customers’ interactions

Final Thoughts: 

We’ve come to the end of our discussion of CRM for social media. Our top CRM platform selections are going to keep you connected with your customers most suitably. You can choose any of them to keep your business go on top.

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