5 Best CRM for MYOB (2023 Ranked & Reviewed)

We are in an era where customers expect service anywhere, anytime. An efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system can be the difference between your customers sticking to your business or switching to your competitors.

In this article, we take a look at the best CRM for MYOB, a popular tax and accounting software for SMEs. 

A CRM with MYOB integration enables advanced inventory management, lets you see your stock levels and quotes instantly, and allows you to access all necessary MYOB data in an all-in-one system.

Similarly, a CRM for Slack will improve communication across teams and improve interoperability between various departments in your organization.

If you are looking for a CRM solution with accounting capabilities, make sure that you read it till the end to make an informed decision.

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Best CRM software with MYOB integration

SoftwareBest forTop Features
Monday.comProject managementProject and activity management
Sales forecasting
Email sync and templates
SalesForceSales automationAccount and contact management
Automated workflow and approvals
Sales performance management
Zoho CRMCustomer and employee data managementIntegration with Zoho tools
Analytics and reporting
AI-powered business-generating tools
HubspotMarketing automation Inbound marketing tools
Lead nurturing capabilities
Real-time lead behavior notification
Tall EmuIntegration with MYOB dataComprehensive activity dashboard
Lead management
Stock and inventory management

1. Monday.com – best CRM for MYOB overall

monday crm for myob
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Pricing: Free individual plan available; paid plans start at $0-$10 per month
  • Developer: Monday.com

Recently, the best project management CRM, Monday.com, has finalized a custom MYOB integration for Monday CRM that will allow businesses to create purchase orders using the CRM data. 

The base CRM is one of the most user-friendly software solutions you will ever use. Even novice users can use the platform to maintain customer databases and manage projects. Monday CRM offers a ton of templates and one-click integrations to help you get started with your projects.

Apart from MYOB, CRM also integrates seamlessly with a host of third-party applications like Google Workforce, Slack, and Trello. These integrations allow you to improve the functionality of the software and the operational efficiency of your organization.

With Monday CRM for MYOB, businesses can easily create purchase orders, validate supplier and cost accounts, log tracking data during processing, and access all important information in one platform. You can set up calendars, timelines, and tables to view your most important data quickly.


  • One-click integration for MYOB
  • Create POs and send PDFs
  • Upload POs to Monday CRM for data extraction
  • Log tracking data during processing
  • Readymade templates for every situation
  • CRM customization with Gantt Charts


  • No generic app; “semi-custom” MYOB integration
  • Per-user plans are not suitable for enterprises.

Visit Monday.com

2. Salesforce – best CRM for sales automation

salesforce myob crm connector actvity dashboard
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $300 per year
  • Developer: Salesforce

Salesforce is an excellent customer relationship management software for small and medium-sized businesses and offers one of the largest collections of targeted CRM products.

If you are already using Salesforce, MYOB offers a Salesforce Connector that enables several bi-directional features beneficial for businesses across industries. Users can create, modify, and delete important customer information, like leads and contacts, accounts, inventory items, opportunities, etc.

All your important business information will be synchronized across platforms and available across the organization, enabling all departments to stay up-to-date with the latest updates. Recently, Salesforce has also introduced several AI-powered features like dynamic demand forecasting and chatbot assistants to help you make data-driven decisions.


  • Automation and AI to resolve issues quicker
  • Access to multiple communication platforms
  • Full insights with reports into customer behavior
  • Track order history and inventory
  • Strong integration with third-party platforms
  • Impressive lead nurturing capabilities


  • Yearly commitment for most CRM features
  • Customizations are paid

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3. Zoho CRM – best CRM for data management

sales analytics on zoho crm
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Pricing: Paid
  • Developer: Zoho Corporation

Zoho is another widely used CRM that offers a wide range of tools and third-party applications for business management.

With Zoho Flow, you can integrate your MYOB AccountRight Live with Zoho CRM without writing code for any of it. It supports a wide range of triggers, including new item sales, new invoices, new bills, new customers, and new suppliers. 

Zoho is mainly popular for its automation and integration capabilities and supports a wide range of automated tasks called actions. With MYOB integration, you can automatically create a new supplier, add timesheet entries, generate bills for specific suppliers, create purchase item orders, update customer details, etc.


  • Wide range of automation and integrations
  • Webhook triggers to receive data from a wide range of services
  • If / then branches to carry out tasks based on conditions
  • Set time delays between actions
  • Custom functions
  • Lead scoring features to streamline nurturing


  • Reports are comprehensive
  • Costly when you integrate other Zoho tools

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4. Hubspot – CRM with built-in marketing automation

conversations on hubspot marketing crm
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Pricing: Core CRM is free; paid plans start at $20 for two users
  • Developer: Hubspot

Arguably the most popular CRM for marketing automation, Hubspot is a great tool for managing and automating your marketing campaigns.

Similar to Salesforce Connector, MYOB also has a Hubspot Connector, which provides an out-of-the-box solution to connect the two platforms and share data between them. You can export leads from MYOB to Hubspot, nurture them using the latter’s marketing tools, and then import them back to MYOB for further processing.

The core CRM from Hubspot is great for tracking leads from multiple sources and analyze data to make your inbound marketing campaigns more effective. A visual dashboard makes it easy to keep track of the entire sales pipeline and provides a detailed report on your team’s activity and customer behavior.


  • Free marketing tools and automation
  • Data sync between MYOB and Hubspot
  • Supports OAuth protocol and the HubSpot API key for authorization
  • Real-time lead behavior notification
  • Detailed statistics and reporting
  • All-in-one platform with its own CMS


  • Per-user plans are expensive for larger organizations
  • Only 1 sales pipeline and no email automation

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5. Tall Emu– best for inventory management

tall emu crm by myob
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $57 per user per month
  • Developer: MYOB

Acquired by MYOB in 2022, Tall Emu is a customizable, end-to-end CRM for MYOB specializing in business automation.

Tall Emu does most of the basics of a CRM right. The platform streamlines sales and operations with various tools and integrations, thereby helping you manage your leads, payments, and subscriptions.

Since it is owned by MYOB, it offers real-time inventory management features across multiple departments, like serialized batch tracking, cost calculations, etc. You can create branded invoices from right within the platform. Tall Emu also integrates with various payment platforms, which allows customers to view and pay invoices online.


  • Access MYOB data in Tall Emu CRM
  • Powerful sales and quoting features
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Integrates with payment platforms like Stripe, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Manage leads, sales, and subscriptions
  • Free customer portal


  • Workflow limitations compared to other CRM
  • Technical support is a hit or miss

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Final Thoughts

If you are already using MYOB products for your business, you will be delighted to know that there is a good selection of CRM for MYOB available in the market. Monday CRM is one of the best overall, as it brings advanced project management to the table and works seamlessly with accounting integrations. You might also want to check best CRMs for Xero. However, make sure to go through the entire list, as you might find a solution that better fits your requirements.

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