Auto Like and Confirm All Facebook Friend Requests

Never been a great fan of social websites because I just don’t like the idea of too many people revealing too much information publicly on the Internet. Although some information can only be seen if they are added as friends, but it wouldn’t be too hard to be added as friend with a little social engineering. One day me and one of my friend were discussing about Twitter and we laughed at how some people tweeted that they are having so much fun outside which only meant they are not at home. Thief can now break in to houses by monitoring tweets.

Anyway, no matter how much I anti social websites, I have to keep up with times and technology. I signed up a Facebook account few months back but never really did anything to it, leaving it idle. One day when I was ready to check out Facebook, to my surprise I saw that there were already more than 200 friend requests!

Facebook Confirm All Friend Request

I looked around and couldn’t find a button where I can automatically confirm all friend requests. Facebook probably just wants you to be sure that you are confirming the requests of someone you know and not just anyone. Since I don’t have personal information on my Facebook account, I have no problems confirming the 200 friend requests. I surely won’t want to click the Confirm button one at a time, so I looked for a solution that enables me to automatically confirm all Facebook friend requests.

There is a bookmarklet which I found called ConfirmAll last updated on 2009-07-09 but unfortunately it didn’t work. Then I searched further and found a working userscript called FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request. In order to use this script, you will need to either use Firefox with GreaseMonkey add-on installed or Chrome with TamperMonkey extension. After installing the script, the widget will appear at the bottom left when you are at Facebook website.

AutoLike AutoConfirm All Friend Requests

To confirm all friend requests automatically, all I need to do is click on All Confirm link on the widget. Do note that you may need to refresh the friends request page after confirming all because Facebook only displays a maximum of 200 friend requests at a time. Other than this, you can also like/unlike all status, expand comments and like/unlike comment. If you find the widget annoying, you can click on the small arrow pointing to the left that is beside the text Auto Like By Nel Panget to hide it. Hiding of the widget only works on Firefox but not on Chrome.

Download FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request

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