Check If You’re Being Ignored or Blocked in ICQ

ICQ has two privacy features to avoid being annoyed by some of the people in their contact list when you really need some quiet time on your computer. The first method is setting your status as invisible where your contacts will see you as offline even though you are actually online. If they send any messages to you during this time, you will still instantly receive the message except they won’t know if you’ve read the message or not. There is however an easy way to check if someone in ICQ is invisible from kanicq. There is another feature called block where the blocked user can still see your online or available status but you won’t receive any messages from them.

When we were researching on a method to check if you are being ignored or blocked in ICQ, the current ICQ 7M itself seems to give out a hint that you’re being blocked. We tried sending a message to a test account that blocked us and ICQ reported “Failed to send message“. Clicking on resend and the same message was relayed back to us after a few seconds.

Failed to send message

This does not seem to be a reliable method to determine if you’re being blocked by your contact because there are times when ICQ does not report that it failed to send the message and it is possible that there are some hiccups on the ICQ servers.

There are many 3rd party online block checker websites that claims to help you check if a ICQ user is blocking you by entering their UIN but we can confirm that none of them are working. One working way to confirm that you’re blocked and ignored by your contact is by using a tool called ICQ Ignore Checker. It is a free and simple to use tool where you need to enter your ICQ login information on the program, click the login button for the program to download your contact list from ICQ servers and you can either check all available users from your contact list or specific ones. If you see a tick, that means the user is not blocking you but if you see a red circle sign, that means the user is blocking you.

ICQ Ignore Checker

For ICQ Ignore Checker tool to work, the most important requirement is that your contact must be online/available and not invisible to you or offline. Do take note that during installation, it will prompt you to install some unnecessary software, so make sure you uncheck the checkbox.

Download ICQ Ignore Checker

Editor’s Note: We understand that you may not feel comfortable or safe in entering your ICQ login information on third party programs which is why we’ve analyzed the connections made by ICQ Ignore Checker using URLSnooper and NetLimiter. The program only connects to IP addresses that belongs to AOL during login and checking, and another time to the program’s official website during startup to check for program updates. You can rest assured that the ICQ Ignore Checker is absolutely safe to use.

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