4 Best Share Logins Websites to Bypass Registration

It’s pretty much the case these days that for the majority of things you do on the internet, you are required to create some form of account which asks for email addresses and names, even for the most innocuous of things. You might click on a link to read a newspaper or magazine or website article and it asks you to create an account to be able to read it fully. Similarly several eCommerce sites want a full name, address and email account before they will even give you an idea of the item’s shipping cost.

The list of sites that want your details even if you’re going to be visiting only for a minute or two is endless, but of course private or invite only sites and those which offer paid services such as movie streaming you can fully understand needing an account. Quite often an easy way is to use fake personal name and address details, then use a temporary disposable email address so you don’t get spammed but you have somewhere your account activation emails can be sent to temporarily.

A simpler way to get around not having to register on a website yourself with real or fake details, is to use someone else’s details that they have willingly shared with you. Just enter the supplied user name and password and off you go. Here’s some useful sites that do just that and offer shared login details that someone else has created for a website but you are free to use as well.

1. BugMeNot

BugMeNot is one of the original and longest running websites with the intention of allowing you to quickly bypass the logins of web sites that require registration and/or the collection of your personal information. All of the usernames and passwords listed on BugMeNot are added by users which obviously has its good and bad points. Good in that people can quickly add logins they have newly created themselves or found, bad if somebody is intentionally being mischievous and inserting fake information. As each site listed usually has multiple logins to choose from, if the first doesn’t work, try the next one.


To find a login for a website, just visit BugMeNot, type the website address into the box and click on the “Get Logins” button. If a website match is found, it will then present you with a list of logins found with username, password and although not easily visible, the success rate percentage in red text. This is obviously through other users clicking on the Yes/No buttons to the right depending on their success in using the same login. If you see a low percentage of success rate, chances are it won’t work and is probably not worth your time in trying to use it.

BugMeNot Success Rate

Before any users reading this think they can log into some websites such as pay-per-view tv or movies, banking or e-commerce websites which require users to pay money to access the site, think again. That’s not how it works and any site can be blocked from the BugMeNot system by simply submitting a request form. This does at least tell us BugMeNot is not a website that shares hacked accounts and is there just to try and make life a little bit easier for us. Currently BugMeNot says it has logins for around 450,000 websites.

There is the possibility to use Opera, Firefox or Chrome extensions so they integrate into your browser and can automatically enter a login when you visit a supported website. The Firefox plugin simply requires you to right click on a use name or password field and click “Login with BugMeNot”. The Chrome BugMeNot Lite plugin seems a lot more sophisticated and offers a drop down of the available logins which can be filtered to remove those below a certain success percentage, accessible from the plugin options window.

BugMeNot Lite Chrome

Sadly the amount of joy we had trying logins for various websites was very low and BugMeNot seems to be far less successful these days than it was a few years back. Even using the Chrome plugin to cycle through the whole list of logins for a website proved very limited in how many actually worked. Still, as contributions are added all the time it depends on how quickly and how good the information submitted by users is which decides how likely you are to get the required login.

Visit BugMeNot

2. Login2

Compared to BugMenot, Login2 is a small and relatively simple to use service that offers username and password logins for several websites, although just how many there are in its database isn’t known. It is incredibly simple to use though, and all you have to do is enter the website name such as Vimeo.com or Hulu.com and click the Get button.

login2 display vimeo login

The login information will be displayed and you simply click and copy the details to enter into the website in question. If it doesn’t work, press the “Not working, show more” button to get another login. Keep going until you find one that works or there are none left to show. If you want to contribute, any logins you have created for this purpose can be shared and added to the database. Sadly you get no prior indication whether a login works with a meter or percentage display, there’s also no option to browse the database of websites that Login2 supports. There is a useful bookmarklet option in the More link which can auto enter the website you’re on to save time.

Visit Login2

3. Password-login.com

This website is also worth a brief mention but seems to have a few troubles. These are mainly that several of the available login result pages seem to be loaded with either spam entries or profanity filled fake entries which isn’t a great thing to see. The list of websites on the front page is listed by points which presumably is the amount of successful votes and does look a little confusing.

Skip the registration

Having said that though, Password-login is easy to use and the success rate seems to be slightly better than BugMeNot with the inclusion of a voting system and percentage success rate. It’s definitely worth keeping this site to hand if the others don’t have the login you want. Just keep it away from kids or the easily offended in case you come across some of the less appetizing entries.

Visit Password-login.com

4. Fakeaccount.net

The status of fakeaccount is quite similar to Password-login.com in that it’s very easy to enter your own login information along with a message. That brings problems though, because it’s all too easy to enter fake data or profanity which really helps nobody. A new entry is also given a 100% success and 1 vote which can obviously be misleading because you might think someone else has tried it successfully.

fakeaccount showing vimeo logins

That being said, there’s obviously no harm in trying some of the logins that look legitimate because they could work, you never know. Just enter the required website in the box and all submitted logins will be displayed. You can optionally cast your vote if the login does or doesn’t work. The front page of Fakeaccount does show what it says are the most popular sites, but be warned most of them are of an adult nature.

Visit Fakeaccount.net

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