5 Best CRM for Network Marketing (2023 Ranked & Reviewed)

Network marketing is part of building relationships with individuals, expanding your network, selling items or services to others, and also offering appropriate assistance to members to help them reach their goals.

A CRM for network marketing that provides high-quality interaction, leads, customer information, a collaboration platform, and insights into company operations would be ideal for this category.

Finding the best CRM for a network marketing company might be difficult. However, the correct CRM may assist you in managing contacts, tracking prospects, and automating tasks, allowing you to focus on increasing your business. 

In this post, we will examine the numerous characteristics of the top network marketing CRMs so that you can decide which one is best for you. We will also have a look at the benefits and downsides of each CRM, as well as their simplicity of use.

Best Network Marketing CRM Software

SoftwareBest forTop Features
PipedriveFetching leads around the clock and emphasizing the right opportunity– Automate operations and procedures to save time and improve efficiency.
– Connect with other applications and services to improve workflow.
HubSpot Assisting organizations of all sizes and managing their client interactions– It offers customers a full range of tools to assist them in managing their client interactions.
– Users can utilize automation with technologies to simplify their customer connections.
Salesmate CRMAn easy-to-use interface that allows organizations to adjust it to their individual needs– Follow up on leads from the point of contact until the point of sale.
– Making sales procedures and duties more automated.
Creatio CRMOffering robust analytics and reporting capabilities– Customer support, feedback, and surveys are among the options available.
– Offers lead management, sales pipeline management, and sales forecasting as part of its suite of sales automation products.
Zoho CRMContact management, lead tracking, and sales process automation.– Highly adaptable, allowing customers to customize the program to their requirements.
– It offers analytics solutions for measuring consumer interaction, sales performance, and satisfaction.

1. Pipedrive – Best CRM for Network Marketing Overall

Pipedrive CRM for Multi Level Marketing

Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Developer: Pipedrive Inc.

License: Free, Commercial license

Pipedrive provides a complete set of capabilities for managing contacts, tracking prospects, and monitoring sales success. It is an excellent option for network marketers seeking a dependable and productive CRM system. Pipedrive is also offering CRM solutions for Graphic Designers as well as other industries.


  • Create reports to acquire insights into sales performance.
  • Ability to easily manage all your contacts, leads, and clients from one location.
  • Sales Pipeline Management allows you to manage sales activity and progress using configurable pipelines.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective CRM solutions on the market.
  • Provides several customization possibilities to meet your specific company requirements.
  • Scalable to accommodate your evolving company demands.


  • Provides less customer support than some of its rivals.

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2. HubSpot – Best CRM with powerful automation solutions

HubSpot CRM for Network Marketing

Supported OS: iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Developer: HubSpot, Inc.

License: Free, Commercial license

It is a cloud-based platform that offers a full suite of tools to assist organizations in managing their client interactions, including contact management, sales automation, marketing automation, customer support, and also analytics.


  • Analytics provides customers with a variety of analytics tools to assist them in gaining insights into their consumer connections.
  • Users may utilize Contact Management to save and manage client contact information, such as contact data, notes, and activities.
  • Users may utilize Sales Automation to access a variety of sales automation capabilities, such as lead scoring, email tracking, and also automatic follow-up.
  • Customer support offers a variety of customer support solutions to users, such as ticketing, live chat, and customer feedback.


  • Offers very few customizing options.

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3. Salesmate CRM – Excellent CRM for Small and Medium-scale Network Marketing Companies

Salesmate CRM

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android

Developer: Salesmate Inc.

License: Free (trial version), Commercial License

Salesmate CRM is a cloud-based CRM that assists small and medium-sized enterprises in managing their sales, marketing, and customer service operations.


  • Create and delegate tasks to team members.
  • Create sales performance reports.
  • To reduce time and improve productivity, automate sales procedures and activities.
  • Improve customer service by tracking customer interactions.
  • Follow up on leads and clinch more business.
  • Manage all your contacts, leads, and clients from a single dashboard.


  • The program does not integrate well with other apps.

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4. Creatio CRM – Highly adjustable and adaptable CRM

Creatio Best Free CRM for Network Marketing

Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Developer: Creatio Inc.

License: Free (trial version), Commercial License

Creatio CRM offers a complete set of solutions to assist organizations in better managing their client interactions. It also provides a complete set of capabilities that may assist network marketers in managing client connections, tracking prospects, and optimizing sales processes.


  • Offers a complete contact management system that enables users to store and manage client information such as contact data, contact history, and contact preferences.
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing are among the marketing automation techniques available.
  • Among analytics solutions, the ones offered are customer segmentation, customer insights, and customer journey analysis.


  • Creatio CRM is a complex software system that might be challenging to understand and apply.

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5. Zoho CRM – Overall Excellent CRM for Network Marketing Firms of all sizes

Best CRM for Multi Level Marketing

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Developer: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

License: Free (trial version)

Zoho CRM is a good alternative for network marketing organizations searching for a CRM system. It also delivers sophisticated analytics and reporting features to assist network marketers in better understanding their consumers and optimizing their sales methods.


  • Users may gather, track, and manage leads and contacts from a variety of sources. It also includes tools for categorizing and segmenting leads and contacts.
  • Tools for automating sales activities, such as lead scoring, sales forecasting, and pipeline management, are easily available.
  • Offers customer support capabilities such as ticketing, customer service automation, and customer feedback.
  • With a user-friendly layout and straightforward navigation, it is intended to be simple to use.


  • It has a limited number of connectors with other applications, which may restrict its utility for some firms.

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Final Thoughts

CRM benefits network marketing organizations by increasing customer service, optimizing sales processes, recording customer data, and offering customer insights. It enables network marketing teams to handle client data and track customer interactions more effectively, and also access customer data more swiftly. This can result in more revenue, higher customer happiness, and better client retention. As a result of the above information, you should know which CRM for Network Marketing would be most suited for you.

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