Multi Upload Sites to Mirror Your Files: 15 Best in 2023

There are multiple ways to download files from the internet. Still one of the most popular methods is using BitTorrent, but downloading your files from a Cyberlocker is also common. A Cyberlocker is an online file storage service that you can upload files to and then give the links to other users so they can download your files from the service. The most well known service, Rapidshare, is long gone, but others like RapidGator, Uploaded and ZippyShare are names you might have heard of.

While most cyberlocker type services have a free download option, it’s usually restricted in some way. It will usually be by restricting the number of downloads in a certain time period and/or capping download speeds. The number of online file hosting services changes all the time and some get shut down while other new ones appear, but there’s always several to choose from.

To try and keep your uploaded files available for longer, using a service to upload a file to a number of these services at once is quite useful. You only have to upload the file once and it’s automatically redistributed to the selected hosting services. Here we list a total of 15 file spreading or multi host services which will allow you to distribute your files onto several cyberlocker sites in one go.

1. MultiFileMirror


  • File upload method: Local upload without signing up. Remote upload, FTP upload and URL leech also possible if you create a free account.
  • Supported upload hosts: Choice of 12 hosts (30 with an account) from a possible 37.
  • File size limit: 400MB or 450MB with an account
  • Other notes: Desktop app available to upload files. Can upload 10 files at once (increases to 20 with a free account),

2. MirrorAce


  • File upload method: Local upload, Remote URL upload. File Leech is listed as “Coming soon”.
  • Supported upload hosts: Total of 30 (7 require a free account), can choose up to 15.
  • File size limit: 5GB or 10GB with a free account (host dependent).
  • Other notes: Enter email to receive notification once uploads are complete. Password protect the downloads.

3. MultiUp


  • File upload method: Local and remote upload. Download files from torrent or Magnet links and upload grabber from other hosts available after free registration.
  • Supported upload hosts: 14 from a maximum of 32 which includes 2 streaming hosts. Hosts which require an account to upload are marked with a star.
  • File size limit: 100GB (host permitting)
  • Other notes: Separate MultiUp Manager Windows application, available API for your own uploading service.

4. Embed Upload

Embed Upload

  • File upload method: Remote HTTP/FTP upload or local upload. The basic uploader does not work so you have to use the Flash based uploader.
  • Supported upload hosts: Supports up to 9 from a total of 15 hosts. Mega is added and the number of selectable hosts increases to 11 after free registration.
  • File size limit: 200MB to 3.1GB per file depending on the host (hover over host to get limit).
  • Other notes: Enter a description and send a download link to another email. Can upload 5 files at once or 21 by signing up. Free account lets you send your links through advertising service.

5. MirrorsUp


  • File upload method: Local upload, remote requires free registration.
  • Supported upload hosts: 10 from a maximum of 21 hosts.
  • File size limit: 400MB for local upload, 200MB for remote upload.
  • Other notes: Upload up to 10 files at once, click Additional options to password protect the uploads. At the time of testing the free account does not seem to work as it didn’t send the activation code to our email.

6. MultFile


  • File upload method: Local and remote upload (direct links only)
  • Supported upload hosts: 20, you can choose up to 12 hosts at once or 16 by registering
  • File size limit: 200MB unregistered or 500MB registered
  • Other notes: Upload 3 files at once by registering for a free account.

7. ExoShare


  • File upload method: Local for unregistered users, also remote for registered users.
  • Supported upload hosts: 70 of which you can upload to 12 at once.
  • File size limit: Listed on each mirror
  • Other notes: Enter your email to be notified about download links and status. Multi upload directs you to a third party tool call File and image uploader. Limit of 10 uploads for visitors, remove the limit by registering for free.

8. GigaMirror


  • File upload method: Local file or remote URL.
  • Supported upload hosts: Can choose up to 8 from a total of 47 mirrors.
  • File size limit: 400MB, maximum file size is listed with each host.
  • Other notes: Send URL link to your email. 5 second countdown timer. Earn money scheme for every download via GigaMirror.

9. Go4Up


  • File upload method: Local file or remote URL.
  • Supported upload hosts: 40 file mirrors. Up to 16 available for each upload. Select up to 10 files for uploading.
  • File size limit: Upload file size limits listed on the “Mirror list” page.
  • Other notes: API available so you can use the PHP for your own custom service.

10. MaxMirror


  • File upload method: Local or remote uploads.
  • Supported upload hosts: Unregistered users can choose up to 6 from a possible 35 hosts. The limit is increased to 9 for registered users.
  • File size limit: 400MB or 1GB for registered users.
  • Other notes: Send upload status to email. 7 second countdown timer to download.

11. MirrorCreator


  • File upload method: Local or remote upload, drag and drop supported.
  • Supported upload hosts: Choose up to 12 from a possible 33 mirrors.
  • File size limit: 400MB or 200MB for remote uploads.
  • Other notes: Files can be password protected, links can also be emailed to you. Windows batch uploading desktop tool available. Can upload up to 10 files simultaneously.

12. MultiMirrorUpload


  • File upload method: Local file or remote.
  • Supported upload hosts: Can select up to 5 from 18 hosts.
  • File size limit: 50MB – 10GB depending on the host.
  • Other notes: 30 second timer.

13. MultiUpFile


  • File upload method: Local and remote uploads, selectable via Upload menu on the web page.
  • Supported upload hosts: Select 15 mirrors from a total of 81 hosts, 13 are disabled unless you register for a free account.
  • File size limit: Up to 1000MB
  • Other notes: Upload up to 10 files at once. During testing the registration wasn’t working so you can’t unlock the 13 disabled hosts.

14. UploadMagnet


  • File upload method: Local and remote options (remote requires a free account).
  • Supported upload hosts: can select 10 hosts (12 with an account) from a total of 22.
  • File size limit: 50MB – 10GB depending on the host.
  • Other notes: Upload up to 10 files at once (12 with an account). Test uploads automatically on VirusTotal. Buttons to select popular, stable or longest storage hosts automatically. Affiliate payment system. FTP uploads to personal space with account..

15. UpMirror


  • File upload method: Remote (requires registration) or local file upload.
  • Supported upload hosts: Select up to 15 of 23 file hosts in total.
  • File size limit: 200MB
  • Other notes: 10 second timer to downloads. Link to email option.

Note: Although all these services were working at the time of writing, with the volatile nature of cyberlocker services and different websites changing their code or going down almost daily, we can’t really advise you which is the best. This is why we have a list of 15, if one is down or doesn’t suit your needs, try the next service.

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